Welcome to the Official website of Legal Aid Council, Nigeria. We provide free and quality legal services and advice to those that earn less than the National minimum wage or cannot afford the services of a Legal practitioner. We can be found in the 36 States of Nigeria, feel free to Contact us in person or by email. For more about how you can obtain our services, please see our Frequently asked Questions section.

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.Are your RIGHTS being threatened?.

Are your RIGHTS being threatened?

  Visit any of our offices in any of the 36 States near you including 14 Local Govt. Offices for FREE assistance....

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.Are you in BREACH of the law?.

Are you in BREACH of the law?

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.Do you need FREE legal advice?.

Do you need FREE legal advice?

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THE alleged mastermind of the October 1, 2010 Independence Day bombing, Charles Okah, standing trial for alleged terrorism, on Thursday, told a Federal High Court in Abuja, that he was physically and mentally ready to face his trial.

Okah told the court that the improved condition of the Kuje Prisons in Abuja, his health challenges that interrupted his trial at a time, were over.

“Our condition at Kuje Prisons has improved through the intervention of the International Red Cross Society and the Bristish Council. I am now medically, psychologically and physically ready for the trial,” he said.


As societies grow and human beings interact with each other, disputes and frictions are bound to occur. These disputes could sometimes degenerate to the level of the disputants filing legal action against each other. The reality however is that some members of the society do not have the financial capacity to successfully sustain a legal action in court either as a plaintiff or defendant/accused. As a result of this, the legal aid system evolved over time. Legal aid occurs when lawyers provide pro bono (free of charge) services to indigent clients. In Nigeria like most countries, the government has taken a step further by establishing the Legal Aid Council.


The bitter experience the New Year ushered in for Sylvester Uwafor (real names withheld) was a clear indication that it was going to be a tough year for his household except some divine intervention set in.

Uwafor had just lost his job to what had been a routine downsizing of the workforce of the company in which he had been employed as a middle-level officer in the last three years.


The Legal Aid Council of Nigeria (LACON) has trained 5,249 people on legal rights and alternative dispute resolution in various communities in Kaduna State.

Those trained included district and village heads, religious leaders, women, youths and key staff of local government areas who were part of the project.

Director-General of the council, Mrs Joy Bob Manuel, said at a press conference in Kaduna that the project of access to justice for the poor in Kaduna State, sponsored by Japan and facilitated by the World Bank, had continued to deliver on the work plan and provided free legal services to clients across the state.


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